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Adriana Calcanhotto

The Latest Release: ERRANTE

“Errante” is the 20th album in Adriana Calcanhotto’s career — the 13th recorded in the studio. Made of songs composed mostly during the last two years, “Errante” brings together love songs, end-of-love songs, flirting, mourning and self-knowledge that revolve around the idea of “error”. The verb, in Portuguese, has a double meaning: it can either be “walk without destination” or “make a mistake”. Therefore, the songs wander through a terrain free of roots and certainties, both poetically and sonically. Recorded in a studio in the middle of the forest, with arrangements that emerged from jam sessions between the musicians, “Errante” manifests this musical freedom in the way it transitions from bossa nova to funk carioca.


Alongside Adriana (guitar and vocals), the album features musicians known for combining experience, virtuosity and inventiveness. They are: Alberto Continentino (bass, piano and lyre), Davi Moraes (guitar and acoustic guitar) and Domenico Lancellotti (drums and percussion), with the wind reinforcements of Diogo Gomes, Jorge Continentino and Marlon Sette.

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Additional Info

With a three decades spanning career and 19 albums released, Adriana Calcanhotto is one of the most popular and respected singers and songwriters in Brazil. She is the author and performer of dozens of hits sung by crowds at concerts, heard on the soundtracks of the most popular tv shows, played on radio and streaming platforms. More than that, her work dialogues deeply with the tradition of Brazilian music as a space for thinking about the country, the world, and life — a tradition that has names like Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Vinicius de Moraes. In other words, a kind of literature of its own.


In 2015, she was appointed Ambassador of the University of Coimbra, where she was later invited to teach poetry and songwriting classes. As a natural expression of the extension of his interests, in 2008 he published an autobiographical account of a psychotic nervous outbreak experienced while in Portugal (“Saga Lusa”). In 2014, she organized and illustrated an anthology of Brazilian haiku (“Haicai do Brasil”).

Grammy Nominations

Modern Recordings is proud to announce 3 Grammy-nominations:

  1. Best Jazz Instrumental Album:
    Pat Metheny - "Dream Box"

  2. Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album:
    Vince Mendoza & Metropol Orkest - "Olympians"

  3. Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album:
    Rickie Lee Jones - "Pieces of Treasure"