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Arash Safaian: »The Fox« coming in February!

The first two singles “The Shore” and “Marie’s Piece” of Arash Safaian’s anticipated recording “The Fox” are out now!


“The Fox”  is a concert for viola and orchestra, inspired by the archaic music of early renaissance with a hint of romantic and modern music. The film tells the true-life story of a young Austrian soldier in WWII, and is about friendship and love in the most difficult circumstances as the protagonist befriends a little fox puppy he finds abandoned in the woods.


The viola plays a central part in the musical storytelling, as it reflects the inner world and the spiritual change of the protagonist. The string section reflects this journey while it oscillates between a wider and embracing full orchestral sound and moments of intimate chamber music. Listen for yourself – the singles are now available as download and for streaming!


“The Fox” will be available on February 24th 2023.

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