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CARBS (Robert Ames & Ben Corrigan) release “Citadel of Kicks”

The first single by CARBS – the new joint project of Robert Ames and Ben Corrigan – “Citadel of Kicks” is out now! The track is filled with deep beats fused, catchy synths, strings and kaleidoscopic Neo-Classical Harmony. Praised as “brilliantly original” (The Independent) and “Jolt of electricity” (Financial Times), the single preludes the powerful upcoming and self-titled album “CARBS”. The pre-sale for the album as download, CD any Vinyl starts now!


Corrigan, a composer and podcast host, and Ames, a conductor, composer and curator, are often the people who bring other artists’ music  to  life.  On CARBS,  they  had  the  opportunity  to  explore  their  voices  as music makers, taking inspiration from their robust history of collaborations and passion for electronic and classical music to create sound that’s both cinematic and danceable.


Listen to “Citadel of Kicks” here:


Pre-Sale for “CARBS”:

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