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Daniel Lanois

The New Release: Player, Piano

Available Here!

Press play on Daniel Lanois’ captivating new instrumental collection, Player, Piano, and you’ll be transported to distant places. Each song on Lanois first album for BMG Modern Recordings is a portal, an invitation to lose yourself in the moment and disappear into a world of imagination and memory. Lanois recorded the entire collection himself, capturing a series of gentle, exotic piano performances at his studio in Toronto with the help of co-producer Dangerous Wayne Lorenz, and the results are both intimate and expansive all at once. Melodies unfold slowly with patience and grace; ethereal arrangements drift around them like fog rolling through the mountains. More than just an album, Player, Piano is a gateway into a cinematic sonic universe full of mystery and wonder, a place where the lines between reality and fantasy blur and deep truths and desires reveal themselves in profound and unexpected ways.


Player, Piano is available now!

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About the Artist:

Born in Quebec, Canada Daniel Roland Lanois started young in his career as a producer, recording local artists from in and around his hometown, in the basement of his mother’s home in Ancaster, Ontario. Lanois would go on to build an extensive repertoire as a record producer, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter.


Over a 50 year career, Lanois has been acclaimed as a record producer, musician, vocalist and songwriter, working with artists ranging from Brian Eno (Ambient 4: On Land, Apollo), Peter Gabriel (Birdy, So, Us) and U2 (The Unforgettable Fire, Achtung Baby, The Joshua Tree) to Emmylou Harris (Wrecking Ball), Bob Dylan (Oh Mercy, Time Out Of Mind) and Neil Young (Le Noise), among many others.


As a solo artist, his work explores a musical vision which embraces many genres and musical form. He was responsible for the key vocal tracks on Red Dead Redemption II, one of the biggest selling titles in gaming history. Rolling Stone declared that his “unmistakable fingerprints are all over an entire wing of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”), while NPR has lauded his own “brilliant albums of heartfelt songs.”

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