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Dario Lessing

The New Album: DNA II

After Dario Lessing released his first full length solo-piano album ‘DNA’ in 2020, the journey continues with its successor ‘DNA II’ which still lives and breathes by the unique vistuoso piano skill and atmospheric compositions but is enriched by haunting choirs, massive organs and fascinating harmonium soundscapes.


At parts meditative like Nils Frahm, sometimes melodic like Erik Satie and often with a cinematic, narrative feel, this album takes the listener on a fantastic journey within eleven tracks.

Single Releases:

About the Artist:

The last two years since his first release have been turbulent for the Berlin native piano virtuoso, producer, and singer Dario Lessing: with an eclectic mix of beautiful piano pieces (DNA I), collaborations with other producers (Robot Koch, Andrew Applepie, AK and more) and alternative pop projects (Better Days EP with Rezar premiered on COMPLEX), his online following grew from zero to almost one million monthly listeners. Besides his constant output, the classically trained pianist started releasing sheet music of his magical pieces due to high demand on Instagram by fans from all over the world. He composed scores for fashion outlets (Tings Magazine), commercials (Bertelsmann) and is now preparing his collab-filled album Frequency with guest vocalists featured on every one of the eleven tracks. In short –Lessing represents a new breed of self-made artists and producers that collaborate without musical or geographical boarders. His capability to catch the very core of other artists creativity leads to uniquely direct and intuitive records with a spiritual, often mystical character. Freshly signed on the prestigious Modern Recordings (Pat Metheny, Sebastian Knauer, Robot Koch…), the album is also Lessing’s first to be released on vinyl.

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