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Dario Lessing´s “Frequency” is out now!

„Frequency“, Dario Lessing collaborative debut with Modern Recordings, is out today!The album features six different vocalists with international backgrounds from the US (Stimulus) to Australia (James Chatburn), New Zealand (Graham Candy), Austria (Rezar) and of course Germany (SHAMS, Mario). 


Recorded in Lessing´s Berlin based studio during the turbulent time of the Covid-pandemic, „Frequency“ is entirely about artistic connection. For Lessing the concept of frequency describes the creative development of how the songs were created: every person has his or her own frequency they are sending out constantly. When they collide, they influence each other, create new waves and form something new. 


The result is an album that is at parts ambient, sometimes influenced by Hip-Hop or avant-pop and, filled with Lessing´s piano tunes and accompanied by Lessing´s own vocals as well as those of his featured musicians. Lessing himself represents a new breed of self-made artists and producers that collaborate without musical or geographical boarders. His capability to catch the very core of other artists creativity leads to uniquely direct and intuitive records with a spiritual character.


„Frequency“ is now available for download and streaming as well as an exclusive Vinyl version!


The album is available here (Download, Streaming, Vinyl, CD):


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