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‘Hotel Stamba’ by Simon Goff & Katie Melua is out now!

‘Hotel Stamba’, was the second song the Simon Goff & Katie Melua  wrote for their up-coming collab album ‘Aerial Objects’ and is a love song to the eponymous hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia, where Katie spent the first eight years of her life. The accompanying video – which is also out now – celebrates architecture, pivoting from man-made spaces and shining a light on one of the great architects of nature, bees.


Katie describes the single as “an attempt to create a piece of music which makes me feel the way this space made me feel when I stepped inside it.” She continues, “ ‘Hotel Stamba’ is about a hotel in Tbilisi which massively changed my opinion of what was happening in Georgia culturally from 2017 to 2019. This building symbolizes both the past and future of Tbilisi, a place where the streets are named after poets and writers. I’ve spent a lot of time in hotels and I couldn’t believe that my home town had managed to create this stunning hotel, which was both sensitive to the local culture, and cool, and comfortable and just really killing it on the world stage. And so it’s how that hotel made me feel.” ´Hotel Stamba´ is out now for download and streaming!


Listen here:


Watch the video here:

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