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The Upcoming Release: Trance

“Trance is at once deeply personal and fiercely universal, a state within the self that can also be collectively attained and shared,” says Berlin composer and pianist Meredi, who named her latest album Trance inspired by the immersive experience she would feel in her city’s famed – now faded – nightclubs. “I’m inspired by the intensity and power of the music in techno raves and I wanted to express it in my own words in this album.”

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Foto Credits: Gregor Hohenberg

Additional Info

Meredi is a composer, producer and pianist based in Berlin. The 27-year-old’s introduction to music didn’t come via the allure of glittery stages or the hedonistic lifestyle of rockstars, but rather out of pure need to express herself. Meredi’s certainty towards composition, and an old piano which lingered at her home’s hallway, meant she had an early start, “I don’t really remember when I started to compose, it feels like the music was always in my head and I just learned how to bring it to live,” she reminisces, “The piano was always my island or retreat, I spent a lot of time by the piano with my melodies.” The pastime developed into a passion, the passion uncovered a talent, and soon enough Meredi was studying music and composition at university. Stardust is Meredi`s debut album. It is all melody. Meredi says that the melodies in her head will often play full blast when she feels this unique kind of craving, “There are these special moments, moments with a certain kind of energy, like for example when you see something very beautiful you feel very much this longing, you want to take it, to have it, to be that. You want it so much, that you don’t want to be separate from it.” Her music is a visceral and personal expression but it’s also something external to her. It’s her relation to her surroundings, her connection to her past and generation. Her tracks are as much her compositions, the melodies in her head, as they are compositions of and about her time.