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Meredi´s new album ‘Some Other Place’ is out now!

“Some Other Place” is Meredi’s new solo piano album and a rework of her last released ambient album „Trance”. The three main melodies from “Trance” run through seven piano variations. It’s about “wishing yourself far away, to another place – to find solace there and so also to find yourself,” says the Berlin-based composer, pianist and producer. “The moment I play the piano I become the music. I am not here anymore. I am on that other side. That other place.”


Meredi reduces her new compositions to the core: “I want to be as honest as possible. Only say what I really want to say.“ The album is very reduced and intimately recorded at home on her piano, where all the melodies were also created. ‘Some Other Place’ is available now for download and streaming!


Listen here:

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