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Meredi´s version of Tara Nome Doyle´s “Crow” is out now!

Released on her 2022 album “Vaermin”, “Crow” was one of Tara Nome Doyle´s leading singles. Now fellow Modern Recordings artist Meredi has given the track her very own touch in the “Crow (Meredi Version)”. This is the first of multiple reworks of Tara´s music by fellow Modern Recordings artists.


Meredi says this about reworking Tara´s song and the ispiration behind her version: “There are some connections that stand out in life. Brief moments that we get to experience together and that we wish could last forever.”


“Making my version of Taras song “Crow” was a beautiful journey to the core of her melody, which encapsulates bittersweet story behind the song. I wanted to translate her lyrics into the way I played the piano. There is this sense of hope, something we never want to give up on. That keeps us striving forward although we feel helpless.”


You can listen to the track here:

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