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‘Modern Recordings Selections’ – curated by Robot Koch!

We have released the new edition of the ‘Modern Recordings Selections’ Playlist on Spotify – curated by Robot Koch! The award winning artist, producer & composer from Berlin released his latest ambient rework project ‘The Next Billion Years (Foam and Sand Reworks)’ in May 22. For this edition of the Playlist Koch has selected 30 of his favorit electronic and ambient tracks, creating a truly special and immersive listening experience.


Listen to the Playlist here:


The ‘Modern Recordings Selections’ Playlist is updated monthly, containing specially chosen tracks from our artists and our team. It’s not about one genre – it’s about quality beyond specific genres. It’s about discovering new songs and all-time modern recordings. It’s about music that matters.


To view & listen to Robot Koch´s projects click here:

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