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New Music by Vince Mendoza and Sebastian Knauer

Today, Vince Mendoza shares with us »Freedom Over Everything«. A classical-jazz groove played by bassist Derrick Hodge, drummer Antonio Sanchez and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Originally planned as an instrumental, the composition eventually found the voice of Black Thought of The Roots. Says Mendoza about the collaboration: “I thought we should really have a message there through rap instead of an instrumental solo. Listening to the recordings of Black Thought, his work seemed to reflect a certain awareness of message I wanted to bring out in this piece. When he agreed to record, COVID hit the U.S. and we were delayed. And then (the death of) George Floyd happened – and then the reaction to George Floyd happened. And so, the shift of consciousness of what we thought was going to be in Black Thought’s performance was entirely different. Then he came up with this amazing heartfelt text.“


Listen here:

»Freedom Over Everything« is the first single of the same-titled album that will be released July 2nd via Modern Recordings.


Also, we are excited to release a new single by Sebastian Knauer. An interpretation of the first movement from the Mozart Sonata C Major K 545. This single is part of Knauer’s upcoming album “The Mozart / Nyman Concert” – to be released June 4th.


Listen here:

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