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Pantha Du Prince releases the first single of upcoming album!

One year after the release of his last album “429 Hz Formen von Stille”, Hendrik Weber aka Pantha Du Prince is getting ready to release his new album “Garden Gaia”. The first single “Golden Galactic” is out now, accompanied by a visualizer directed by Natalia Stuyk .


In “Golden Galactic” Pantha du Prince delineates a golden shimmer that’s like a primordial substance for life – the desire to live: “I recorded ‘Golden Galactic’ during a really special moment. I was awake and this golden shimmer slipped through my fingers and turned into sound. I kept playing and playing on a synthesizer while listening to myself play. Then I listened to this music with Friedrich Paravicini. Afterwards, he composed strings for it – it’s like a musical dialogue.”


“Garden Gaia” will be available August 26th!


Listen to “Golden Galactic” here:


Watch the visualizer on YouTube:


Pre-Save “Garden Gaia” here:

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