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Pantha du Prince releases the second single of upcoming album “Garden Gaia”

Pantha du Prince´s second single “Blume (Benedik HK Edit), of his upcoming album “Garden Gaia,” is out now! “Blume,” which is German for “flower,” received its final polish through a conscious act of letting go. Pantha du Prince sent what was for him a finished track to Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg in Oslo, who then intervened and rearranged everything. And it was Kieldsberg’s idea to have Helena Tusvik Rosenlund sing an additional track over Hendrik Weber’s reverberated vocals. On the track Pantha further allows for extremely fragile musical moods to simply exist and bolsters them with frequencies that seem to naturally communicate with us.


“In English you can also hear the German word ‘Blume’ as ‘bloom,’ that is, as a process of growing, blossoming, and the cyclical nature of developing oneself. When a flower blossoms, its withering is an inherent part of the process. And that’s why the nine new tracks also have a sense of melancholy to them – they have an awareness that beauty is fleeting. ‘Blume’ is about a dream landscape, a parallel reality, a possible space into which we can dive into: we dream but then later forget what we dreamt. What remains is perhaps a glimmer of hope, the knowledge that something was there.” – Pantha du Prince


Listen to “Blume” here:


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Grammy Nominations

Modern Recordings is proud to announce 3 Grammy-nominations:

  1. Best Jazz Instrumental Album:
    Pat Metheny - "Dream Box"

  2. Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album:
    Vince Mendoza & Metropol Orkest - "Olympians"

  3. Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album:
    Rickie Lee Jones - "Pieces of Treasure"