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Release of second excerpt from Pat Metheny »Road to the Sun«

On February 12th, Pat Metheny shares with us a second excerpt of his upcoming album »Road To The Sun«. It’s the second part of the four-movement solo guitar suite »Four Paths Of Light«.

The composition by Metheny is performed by Grammy-winner Jason Vieaux who has been described as “perhaps the most precise and soulful classical guitarist of his generation” by NPR. Says Vieaux “It was kind of a dream of mine to work with Pat. Even though I know so many of [his] improvised solos by heart, the compositional aspect of his music was always the biggest factor. This work is a particularly special occasion to me. Whenever an artist of Pat’s significance writes not only a substantial work but a piece that requires real virtuosity to perform it, with his musical imprint all over it, it’s a big moment for classical guitar. I think this work really has a long life in the repertoire.”

Metheny adds “Although this piece was written as an entirely through-composed work, specifically with Jason in mind, it is interesting for me to think of the life that this suite might have in years ahead in the broader context beyond. I have followed the classical guitar world with interest, and from the first moment I heard Jason, he has been one of my favorite musicians. He stands as my favorite Bach interpreter on the guitar, and while he excels at playing passages that border on being technically impossible on the instrument, he also has the rare ability to make things that are simple have real meaning. His playing inspired me to write a piece that would hopefully challenge and inspire him in return. If a by-product of that is something that has a place in that repertoire going ahead, that would be fantastic.”

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