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Plaid remixes “Citadel of Kicks” by CARBS

For the second edition of the CARBS “remix series” Robert Ames and Ben Corrigan chose the electronic music duo Plaid, which consists of Andy Turner and Ed Handley, to remix the first single, “Citadel of Kicks”, of their joint project. Ames had the following to say about his decision to work with duo: “Plaid have been a massive part of my musical diet for a long time, their brand of IDM had a big influence on me when I was a Warp obsessed student in London and their music has really stuck with me.”


Ames goes on to reveal even more about the creative process behind the remix: “I had the pleasure of working with them recently on an orchestral show with Ben, think it was the first time they have written for orchestra. Our job was to take their electronic stems and arrange for the various instruments of the orchestra. It was amazing to see first hand Plaid’s music deconstructed and geek out over how they put music together.”


He adds: “During the rehearsals and concert I was conducting and they were playing with an electronic set up. They are a quiet pair but incredible kind and generous with support and work ethic. This project was just before CARBS release, I sent them the album and to our surprise they were really enthusiastic about doing a remix. I think it hits all of the juicy spots that you grow to expect from a plaid tune, couldn’t be happier with it.”


“Citadel of Kicks” (Plaid Remix) is available here:

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