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“Player, Piano”, Daniel Lanois´ new album, is out now!

Daniel Lanois’ captivating and highly personal new instrumental collection, Player, Piano, will transported you to wonderous places. Lanois recorded the entire collection himself, capturing a series of gentle, exotic piano performances at his studio in Toronto with the help of co-producer Dangerous Wayne Lorenz.


“Making this record transported me,” says Daniel Lanois. “I got to travel to Cuba and Mexico and Jamaica. I got to visit with the ghosts of Erik Satie and Oscar Peterson and Harold Budd. I got to go back in time to my work with Brian Eno and Kate Bush and Emmylou Harris. And I did it all without ever leaving my studio.”


While the record marks a significant departure from last year’s full band, soul-and-gospel-inspired Heavy Sun, such a shift should come as little surprise to anyone familiar with Lanois’ restless creative spirit and penchant for reinvention. The album itself is a snapshot of a moment in time, a window into a period of isolation in which music offered escape and connection and possibility. The songs here aren’t meant to take you to the same places they took Lanois, but rather to create an environment in which it’s possible to travel deep inside of your own subconscious and fully inhabit the world of wonder within. These songs are meant to inspire, to awaken, to illuminate. They’re meant to transport.


“Player, Piano” is available here:

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