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Pre-Sale starts for Daniel Lanois´ “Player, Piano” – first single “My All” is out now!

“Player, Piano”, the new upcoming album by Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Daniel Lanois is up for pre-sale now! The album was recorded at Lanois’ studio in Toronto with the help of co-producer Dangerous Wayne Lorenz. “Player, Piano” will be available September 23rd.


The first single of the album “My All” is out now!


“‘My All‘ is a melody I wrote as a send off to my little brother who passed away,” writes Lanois .“The piano part is based on an approach I learned from Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Some time back Steven was at my house playing my upright piano, he showed this style of repeating a chord on the right hand, while playing a moving melody on the left hand. It was a turning point in my piano playing…Thank you Steven!” – Daniel Lanois


Listen to “My All” here:


More than just an album, Player, Piano is a gateway into a cinematic sonic universe full of mystery and wonder, a place where the lines between reality and fantasy blur and deep truths and desires reveal themselves in profound and unexpected ways.


Find the pre-sale for “Player, Piano” here:

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