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Rickie Lee Jones

The Latest Release: Pieces of Treasure

For her first ever all-jazz album, “Pieces of Treasure”, Rickie Lee Jones reunites with her life-long friend, legendary producer Russ Titelman, who produced her first two seminal albums, Rickie Lee Jones and Pirates.  “This album is as much about aging as it is anything, how we love ‘til the day we die, how we may be look back a bit more,” says Jones. “We go looking for who we used to be, or to try and find the thing we held on to before the catastrophe, the heartbreak, whatever, back when we were innocent.”


“There are 10 songs here, most of them slow, with a smoky nightclub intimacy that makes it a great late-night album. […] Jones’s voice is lovely throughout, with a big range as well as personality. It’s high and youthful on a surprisingly slow, pensive Sunny Side Of The Street; deeper, more mature on Here’s That Rainy Day; and on September Song it’s both, a dash of Marianne Faithfull at the beginning and Billie Holiday later on” (Astor Morgan, MOJO). “Pieces of Treasure is something to treasure…This pirate has captured the whole chest, I’m telling you and she’s made these stories her own.” (Gary Walker, WBGO).

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Grammy-winning songwriter and storyteller Rickie Lee Jones has been named “of the premiere song stylists of her generation” (The New Yorker) and became a cultural force with the release of her 1980 star-making debut album, Rickie Lee Jones and the seminal Pirates. Her acclaimed memoir Last Chance Texaco was released in 2021 and topped many year-end lists. “Reading her wild and wonderful book, one senses that, in a very real way, music was a calling that saved her life,” writes The Guardian.

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