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Robert Ames to conduct video game scores at the BBC Proms

On August 1st, at Royal Albert Hall in London, Robert Ames will be featured in this years BBC Proms season – with an exciting twist! Ames will curate and conduct a “Video Game Music Concert” which will range from orchestral arrangements of early 8-bit chiptune music through to the full scores that grace modern multimillion-dollar game productions.


“It’s great that the Proms are keen to highlight the cultural significance and quality of gaming music. The fanbase is massive and gaming music since its inception has been ahead of the curve in terms of diversity. I really believe somebody like [Kingdom Hearts composer] Yoko Shimomura should be celebrated at an international music festival alongside composers like Brahms and Mahler.” (- Robert Ames as quoted by The Guardian)


Read the full article by The Guardian here:


Listen here the new album by Robert Ames and Ben Corrigan:

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