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Robot Koch x Magnificent Matter at Monopol Berlin

German composer and producer Robot Koch, together with visual artists Magnificent Mater and the Monom 4D Soundsytem, invites listeners and spectators to experience the new album “The Next Billion Years (Foam and Sand Reworks) in an immersive audiovisual experience in Berlin on May 26th.


This event will use state-of-the-art spatial audio technology to create an elevated deep listening experience on a 24 speaker spatial sound system. The visuals by Magnificent Matter dive into the microscopic details of natural textures which are a scientific and artistic representation of the theme of the album:”it´s both about the long-term future of our species, which is the macro view. But it`s also about the intimacy of the present moment, which is encapsulated as a zoomed-in micro view, both sonically and visually. ”


Tickets: Robot Koch at Monopol Berlin


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