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Rodrigo Leão to release album on Modern Recordings!

Rodrigo Leão spent his Covid-19 lockdown in the beautiful Portuguese region of Alentejo and let himself be dazzled by the nature surrounding him. From this experience was born a new and unexpected album of original material, »A Estranha Beleza da Vida«, made in a relaxed fashion over the past few months. A positive, happy, celebratory record with special guests such as Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner, Martirio, Suso Saiz, Michelle Gurevich or Surma. »A Estranha Beleza da Vida« will be released in October and will also mark Rodrigo Leão’s return to the stage.


Rodrigo Leão was one of the musicians and composers behind the extraordinarily successful Portuguese ensemble Madredeus. He was in the band for nearly 10 years before leaving to focus on his own solo career.


We’re looking forward to releasing soon! Until then tune into the “This is: Rodrigo Leão” playlist on Spotify:

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