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Simon Goff & Katie Melua talk about “Aerial Objects” with Composer Magazine

In a new interview with Composer Magazine, Simon Goff and Katie Melua talk to Jim Ottewill about the start of their friendship and eventual artistic collaboration on a joint project that would later become their newly released album “Aerial Objects”. Simon and Katie offer a close look into their creative process and how the combination of their unique approaches to creating music became a natural fit to create a whole new sound.


“The friendship between Katie and Simon has certainly spurred them both on to new pastures of discovery. Aerial Objects is a brave and inviting record to get lost in – and one that wouldn’t have existed without the other. Simon is clear on the best way to get wring the most from any collaboration. “Ultimately, you just need to enjoy the process of finding something that you would never make without that other person…” ” – Jim Ottewill (Composer Magazine)


Click the link below to read everything about the process, inspration and sonic architecture of “Aerial Objects”.


Read the full article here:

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