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Small Isles’ “Out in The Sunset” out now!

“Out in the Sunset”, the electrifying EP by Small Isles, is out now!


Small Isles is the new project by Indie veteran Jim Fairchild of Modest Mouse & Grandaddy, and Jacob Snider (MM NYU), a composer and arranger originally based in Philadelphia. “Out in The Sunset” is written in response to a dream of Jimmie Fails and Joseph Talbot teaming up to make a coming-of-age film about two socially disparate groups of teens coming together for a revelatory night. This new project blends ethereal guitars with ambient, sometimes ghostly textures to create signature sound: a soundtrack for a film that does not (yet!) exist. “Stadium rock without the rock, shared reverie.” as Jim “Kirby” Fairchild himself puts it.


The duo will release two EPs on Modern in 2023, both imagined scores for imaginary movies. The second EP “Everything on Memory” will be released in October.

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