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Sven Helbig releases his long-awaited new album “Skills”!

The new album “Skills” by Sven Helbig is out now! Featuring Mondena Quartet, Jörg Brückner, Robinson Wappler, Anne Grethen, Tom Götze and Surachai, the album is full of skillfull craftsmanship and beautifully composed melodies.


“Growing up in a family of craftsmen, I have been familiar since early childhood with the attitude of perfecting a thing for its own sake. The deepening concentration and slow maturing of execution, the craft shares with spiritual rituals, with arts, sports and the sciences. I am touched by the sight of almost ideal expressions of human activity, be it a forged piece, a perfectly build sentence or an athletic performance. I dedicate my album SKILLS to this fascination. A branched succession of changing skills has brought mankind to the present day. The skills that were originally life-supporting grew into handy crafts and art. This development through the times reflects the enormous changes in ethics, aesthetics and morals. People describe this process in many shades, from culturally pessimistic dystopias to post humanist utopias. The music of SKILLS lives in this field -between hymn and melancholy.”


“Skills” is now available as vinyl, CD, for download and on all major streaming platforms!


“Skills” is avilable here:


The Vanitas Still life-artwork on the album cover, as many of the album-accompanying videos, was created by Sven Helbig himself. The immersive release concert, perfomed as a multi-media event with visuals by Mani M. Sigfusson, will take place on February 12th, at the Staatsoperette Dresden.

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