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Tara Nome Doyle

The Latest Release: Værmin

The record tells the haunting tale of a toxic relationship and is rich with symbolism and emotional wisdom. Piano, violin, synthesisers and pulsating beats create a wide space in which Tara Nome Doyle’s voice shifts between angelic heights and ominous, twisted lows. »Værmin« is an emotionally moving album that celebrates the -supposedly- ugly that lives in and around all of us. All the tracks are named after creatures that are considered to be undesirable pests: »Leeches«, »Caterpillar«, »Snail«, »Mosquito«, »Crow«, »Moth«, »Spider«, »Worms«. Tara Nome Doyle brings these creatures out of the shadows, and in doing so also poses a political question in her art: What would happen if we »welcomed« the vermin instead of rejecting them? Wouldn’t we then arrive at a much richer, more balanced relationship to ourselves, a healthier relationship with the world around us and to other people? »Værmin« is a grand, wise, deeply moving album. Tara Nome Doyle’s songs immediately grab a hold of you and get stuck in your head -existential music by an extraordinary artist.

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Foto Credits: Sonja Stadelmaier / Luis Anversa

About the Artist:

Tara Nome Doyle is a 24-year old singer-songwriter with Norwegian-Irish roots, living in Berlin. TND’s middle name, Nome, is pronounced »Noo-Meh« in Norwegian and »No-Me« in English.


From an early age on TND started taking piano and singing lessons. She can play the tuba, too, and started writing songs at the age of twelve.


In June 2016, Martin Hossbach, who, at that point, had been running a label called Martin Hossbach, saw TND at a yearly event, agala, put on by the Berlin-Kreuzberg-based stageschool ACADEMY. Over the course of a year Tara had been taking part in the school’s various projects for teenagers, combining acting, dancing and singing. A few days after her performance she received a textmessage from Hossbach, asking whether she was interested in releasing music on his label. In April 2018 her first release, the song »Down with You« came out. Since then it has been streamed more than four million times. »Down with You« was followed by more singles and an EP called »Dandelion«. In January 2020 her debut album »Alchemy«, co-produced by TND and David Specht (of the German post-punk band Isolation Berlin), came out and was celebrated by the German press (»…like Kate Bush singing songs by Nick Cave at Berghain«, SPIEGEL). In two songs each, »Alchemy« dealt with the four developmental phases of the pre-modern natural philosophy alchemy as it appears in the dreampsychology of the Swiss psychiatrist, psychologist and philosopher C. G. Jung.


TND’s second album, »Værmin«, will be released in January 2022. This time TND and Hossbach will be putting out the album in collaboration with BMG Rights Management’s Modern Recordings imprint. The album was produced by Simon Goff, a Grammy-award winning producer, violinist and engineer.(Goff received his Grammy for working with Hildur Guðnadóttir on her »Tchernobyl« score.) Tobias Humble (Gang Of Four, Ghost poet), Anne Müller (Nils Frahm, Agnes Obel) and Larry Mullins (Nick Cave &The Bad Seeds, Iggy Pop) also appear on the album. Conceptually, »Værmin« builds on »Alchemy« and presents another musical engagement with the works of C. G. Jung and the human psyche, specifically around Jung’s theories about ›the shadow‹ and ›the persona‹.


TND likes to collaborate with other artists: In July 2021 the EP »The Moments We Keep«, which she co-wrote and co-produced with the Italian pianist Federico Albanese, came out on Decca’s/ Universal’s imprint Mercury KX. In late 2020 TND released recordings with Malakoff Kowalski (»Bad Dreams«, for a charity compilation by her agent von der haardt) and 1k Flowers (»Clemency«, on !K7’s sub-label 7K!). TND has also collaborated with Max Rieger (Die Nerven; producer of e.g.Caspar and Drangsal)–on »Neon Woods« (first album) and »Caterpillar« (second album). »Caterpillar« originally appeared in a different version on an album by Max Rieger’s side project Obstler (released on Martin Hossbach in May ’20). TND is a member of Kat Frankie’s »BODIES« choir and performs irregularly with the singer ANDRRA.


In October ’21 the Netflix-USA production »Munich« by director Christian Schwochow, starring Jeremy Irons, will premier at the London Film Festival. In the film, which will also see a theatric release in the UK and Germany in November and on Netflix in January’22, TND can be seen performing an original song she co-wrote with Isobel Waller-Bridge (»Fleabag«, »Emma«) specifically for the scene, singing in German for the

first time. In the end credits a fully-orchestrated, English-language version of the song was used. TND’S »Too Lost To Be Found«, co-written with Federico Albanese, was picked up by HBO for their series »Generation« and premiered in July ’21. A few of TND’s compositions (some taken from »Alchemy«, some original) featured in Sophie Kluge’s debut feature film »Golden Twenties«. In 2022 two of the songs she recorded with Federico Albanese will be used in Claudia Rorarius’ upcoming feature film »Touched«.


TND only performs her elaborate music live when the setting is right. So she jumped at the chance when the prestigious Berlin-based festival Pop-Kultur commissioned a unique work from her for which she could collaborate with stage designer Jana Wassong (Volksbühne Berlin, Jonathan Meese) and her go-to lighting engineer Frank Grunert (Ingrid Caven, Christoph Schlingensief). TND, her musicians and backing singers performed »Hall of Mirrors« six times, on two days, at the gorgeous Ramba Zamba Theater at Kulturbrauerei in late August ’21.

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