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The Alva Noto remodel of Craig Armstrong´s “Nocturne 4” is out now!

Composers Craig Armstrong and Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto join forces on this new remodel of Nocturne 4, extending the immersive world of Armstrongs “Nocturnes” album. Alva Noto has garnered international attention by scoring Hollywood Film “The Revenant” with Riyuchi Sakamoto – but is also a shining figure at the forefront of German experimental music.

“I’ve long been a huge fan of Alva Noto so to have him remix one of my Nocturnes is really very special for me.Alva Noto’s masterful approach to whatever he makes is something I admire. I hope you enjoy his beautiful rework of Nocturne 4 as much as I do.” – CA

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