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The Moritz von Oswald Trio releases the “Dissent Remix EP”

Last year’s album from the Moritz von Oswald Trio saw the band release, Dissent; its most Jazz release since its inception in 2008. New recruits in the form of experimental musician Laurel Halo and drummer Heinrich Köbberling brought fresh perspectives and processes as they continued the exploration of the spaces where Dub, Jazz, and Techno interact. Now, Dissent Remixes restores balance to these three elements as three generations working in the sphere where Dub and Techno converge reinterpret Chapters 2, 4, and 6 from the album adding new texture and rhythms.


The Al Wootton Remix of “Chapter 4” I is a dubbed-out groove track with a withheld but relentless UK dance energy. Swinging percussion and heavy bass workouts combine with shimmering delays and textures to form a moody but beautifully chilled atmosphere. Further,  “Chapter 6” was remixed by none other than Detroit techno-legend Carl Craig. Tough beats form together with experimental treatments of percussions to create a pulsing track with shifting soundscapes. A powerful dance floor track, which switches to dreamy and beautifully presented synthesizers explorations at the end. And on the remix of “Chapter 2” Bristol native Peverelist distills out the elemental particles of the track and stretches them over a raw spiky skeleton of pointalistic percussive hits, showing a true Moritz von Oswald-esque approach to music making in the process.


The EP is now available as download and for streaming!


Listen here:

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