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The “SulaMadiana” Tea is ready for you to taste!

To celebrate the album, “Artéfact” created a unique tea blend that which tells the story of where Mine Cinelu and Nils Petter Molvær first met in Turkey. The “SulaMadiana” Tea was crafted with a black tea from the Province of Rize, enhanced with slightly acidic fruits found in Norway, and tied together with a beautiful vanilla from the Martinique.


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The tea is inspired by the story of the collaboration between Nils and Mino. After long months of hard work between Brooklyn and Oslo, Mino Cinelu, multi-instrumentalist, and Nils Petter Molvaer, trumpet player, transport us to a universe full of generosity and innovation. The name of the album refers to the origins of the two artists, the island of Sula, in the west of Norway where Nils is from, and Madiana (Martinique), where Mino’s father is from.


Listen to the Album here!

Mino, Nils and Artéfact invite you to their album and tea launch event, on September 8th at the Artéfact offices in Paris. Let’s enjoy a cup of tea together!

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