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Today out: The new album of Vince Mendoza and the new single of Nils Petter Molvaer

Today, composer and arranger Vince Mendoza shares with us his latest album “Freedom over everything” – played by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and featuring a wide range of artists like Black Thought from The Roots, Derrick Hodge, Joshua Redman, Julia Bullock, Jan Hasenöhrl and Antonio Sánchez.


The album combines a classical and a jazz approach to composing. Says Vince Mendoza: “I am keen to make use of the orchestra to tell my story, but I always seek to retain my Jazz sensibilities, especially with rhythm and colors. On the other hand, an improvisor’s commentary on a written part can give a most immediate human spirit to an idea.”


Listen at:

Also, we’re excited to release »Median« by Nils Petter Molvaer. It’s the second single of his upcoming album »Stitches«. Listen here:

Welome to Modern Recordings!

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