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BBC Music Magazine’s choice of the “Top 10 Post-Classical Albums” – featuring Modern Recordings releases

BBC Music Magazine chose “the best post-classical albums and modern masterpieces to inspire and move you”. Amongst great artists and works, we’re happy to find Kristjan Järvi’s »Nordic Escapes«, Meredi’s »Stardust« and Arash Safaian and Sebastian Knauer’s »This Is Not Beethoven«.


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Meredi – Stardust

“Pianist and composer Meredi’s debut album is a collection of atmospheric piano pieces, intimately performed and recorded. There’s an improvisatory feel to the music, and much of it feels heartfelt. ‘Circles in the Sky’ is the undoubted highlight.” – BBC Music Magazine

Arash Safaian & Sebastian Knauer – This Is Not Beethoven

“Here’s something different for the Beethoven year. Much of this inspired album, which features reworked and recomposed Beethoven works, is rooted in the composer’s Symphony No. 7, although the opening track is a rather stunning version of the ‘Moonlight’ Sonata while the fugue from the ‘Hammerklavier’ gets a majestic make-over.” – BBC Music Magazine

Kristjan Järvi – Nordic Escapes

“Lockdown has been hard for most musicians – and many have sought to reflect their pain and uncertainty in music. Nordic Escapes represents a home-coming and a refuge for conductor Kristjan Järvi – this is his first album of self-composed music and it contains vast washes of sound and atmospheric, icy sounds. Listen to the folky ‘Nebula’ for a beautiful sonic image of the frozen Baltic landscapes.” – BBC Music Magazine

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