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Pantha du Prince aka Hendrik Weber

The Latest Release: Garden Gaia

„Garden Gaia“, like „Conference of Trees“ (and „Black Noise“ before it) is an artistic exploration of nature. An investigation with the means of music into the earth as a vision of a perfectly functioning garden, in which all living things harmonise with each other and can become one. Reflection on nature has been the main theme of Pantha du Prince’s music and an integral part of his musical research. To the same extent, nature is not only a place of longing for more and more people who see it as an alternative way of life to the weariness of eternal meaningless commercial progress, concern for the earth as a place of the future is also the focal point – social and cultural discourse in society.


Reflection on nature has been the overarching theme of Pantha du Prince’s music and an integral part of his musical research. For the nine new tracks on „Garden Gaia“, Pantha du Prince has again expanded his musical vocabulary of electroacoustic expression in a creative process that is extremely collaborative. None of the tracks were recorded with the exact same lineup. He collaborated with different musicians in different places on every track. „Garden Gaia“ is the latest chapter in a project that has been ten years in the making, which presents the artist, Hendrik Weber aka Pantha du Prince, as a close observer and mindful listener.

The Latest Release: GARDEN GAIA

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Foto Credits: Stephan Abry/ Frederic Boudin

About the Artist

Hendrik Weber, better known as Pantha du Prince, Panthel and Glühen 4 is a German producer, composer and conceptual artist for Electro, Techno, House, Minimal and Noise affiliated with Hamburg’s Dial music label and British label Rough Trade, where he released his famous album “Black Noise”. In 2013 Pantha du Prince and The Bell Laboratory released their first collaborative album ‘Elements of Light’. The  project is a symphony for electronics, percussion and bell carillon, a three-ton instrument comprising 50 bronze bells. After his band project “The Triad” (with the album under the same title) and a remix project about the German classic composer Johann Sebastian Bach he worked on his concept of “Conference of Trees”. On “Conference of Trees”, Weber presents a unique combination of electronic music and traditional instruments as he explores and interprets the communication of trees and, based on this exploration, creates a phenomenal sound concept. Some of the sound sources and instruments were crafted by himself. It’s a breakthrough recording of experimental music, visual poetry, club-culture and speculative science. The album was released on March 6th via Modern Recordings/ BMG. Additionally, Weber has composed remixes and arrangements for Depeche Mode, Animal Collective, Philipp Glass, Bloc Party, Hurts &  Trentemöller.

Grammy Nominations

Modern Recordings is proud to announce 3 Grammy-nominations:

  1. Best Jazz Instrumental Album:
    Pat Metheny - "Dream Box"

  2. Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album:
    Vince Mendoza & Metropol Orkest - "Olympians"

  3. Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album:
    Rickie Lee Jones - "Pieces of Treasure"