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Pat Metheny’s new album “Dream Box” out now!

Legendary American guitarist, composer and improviser Pat Metheny’s newest album, Dream Box, is being released today, June 16 on the BMG Modern Recordings label. The album comprises nine “found tracks” for what Metheny describes as “quiet electric guitar.”

He explains: “Dream Box is a record that’s nothing like any record I’ve ever done before, in that I wasn’t trying to make a record. Kind of every day I get up and write something. My good friend Charlie Haden said ‘you ought to record your tunes right after you write them,’ and I accumulated this folder that had probably 50 or 60 things in it. Just out of curiosity I cracked open that file and the first thing I found was the tune that now I’ve titled ‘From the Mountains.’ I liked it! I thought: ‘Wow, how did I get to that? And when did I get to that?’ It’s something so unlike my normal path to get to a record release. You know, the main thing for me is I hope people enjoy it — I’m really excited to have it out.”

“Dream Box“ is now available on CD, vinyl and digital – you can find the link here!

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