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»Road to the Sun« – new album by Pat Metheny out now!

Today, 20-time Grammy winning guitarist and composer Pat Metheny proudly presents his new classical recording ‘Road to the Sun’. The full album features 2 new Metheny compositions performed by Jason Vieaux and the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (LAGQ).


Listen here:

 With two major new works, performed by five of the world ́s leading guitarists, Metheny charts a new way of obliterating boundaries between genres while simultaneously unveiling new facets of an already expansive personal language.


Grammy-winner Jason Vieaux, described by NPR as “perhaps the most precise and soulful classical guitarist of his generation” was tapped by Pat Metheny to perform his four-movement solo guitar suite Four Paths of Light.


The centerpiece of this landmark recording is Road to the Sun, a six-movement piece for fellow Grammy-award winning Los Angeles Guitar Quartet LAGQ – Metheny describes them as “one of the best bands in the world”.


In the end, Road to the Sun is nothing if not another truly great Pat Metheny record. It will rank alongside Secret Story, Bright Size Life, 80/81, One Quiet Night, Still Life (talking), Song X,and all the rest as being yet another unexpected and almost willfully inscrutable plot twist, inevitable to a genre with only one common element: Metheny himself.


Pat Metheny on Road to the Sun: When I first started writing, the LAGQ guys suggested that they would be happy if it was even a 5 or 7-minute piece. Before I knew it, I was in the midst of a nearly 30 minute, six-movement treatise on what might be possible in a multi-guitar format. I found myself completely immersed in this incredible opportunity to imagine what these four exceptional guitarists could sound like addressing these notes. The piece just literally poured out. But, as much as I was reaching for the kinds of materials that this instrumentation and these particular musicians seemed to suggest, it was of equal importance to me to retain the kind of narrative, storytelling aspect of music that I always hope to get to, regardless of the setting.


Available now on double-vinyl, CD and all digital formats.

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